Dalston Hall

Records which describe the building of Dalston Hall refer to it when the first John Dalston dedicated The Pele Tower to his wife, whom he married in 1507, the oldest part of the building is thought to be the Baronial Hall from 1500.

The History of Dalston Hall

It is believes that David King of Scots gave his brother the hall after Cumberland was ceded to Scotland. The Dalston family began with Robert De Vallibus who changed his name to Dalston in 1300.

Over the next 200 years the Dalstons were small landowners and like many others took part in border raids with the Scots and did garrison duty at Carlisle Castle.

After the dissolution of the monasteries Thomas brought 6 manors and various land from the crown, with a increase in wealth for the family Dalston Hall was enlarged.

During the civil war it became a stronghold for one of the leading Royalists and General David Leslie made his headquarters there.

Edmund Wright Stead brought the hall in 1897 and carried out lots of restoration work. In more recent years the hall was used as a youth training centre and in 1971 it was turned into a hotel.

The Haunted History of Dalston Hall

The Baronial Hall seems to be the most active part of Dalston Hall with ghostly figures seen lurking by the iron gate door and an entity which appears as a black fog that rises from the floor – over the years this black fog has come to be known as Mr Fingernails.

There is also a lady in a Tudor dress been seen in the gallery and the ghost of a man in the cellar who is sometimes known to pass workers their tools. There are giggles of children to be heard around the hall.

In room 5 it has been reported that sometimes guests have awoken to find that the bed clothes have been removed, and they are neatly folded at the bottom of the bed.

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