Croxteth Hall

Croxteth Hall has had quite a quiet place in history and not much is known about its past. Building work on the hall began in 1575 and the last building on the site was completed in 1902.

The History of Croxteth Hall

During this whole time, the Hall was the family home of the Molyneux family – the Earls of Sefton – right up until 1972 when the last Earl died and he had no heir to pass the hall onto.

Liverpool City Council took up ownership of the Hall and since then it has been a visitor attraction.

The Haunted History of Croxteth Hall

Many spirits are reported to be haunting Croxteth Hall including, a boy who stands by the fireplace in the dining room, a shadow of a figure in the billiard room, and the 6th Earl of Sefton walking around the tearoom.

also footsteps are heard along the corridors of the hall and the smell of tabacco can be detected in the servants room. There are constant electrical faults reported and when a electrician comes to mend the fault, they find nothing wrong.

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