Brougham Hall

Brougham Hall, set in its own park, is the historic country seat of the Brougham family.

The History of Brougham Hall

A fortified home has existed on the elevated site since the late 1400s. The Broughams of Brougham (Westmorland) became extinct in 1608, and a James Bird purchased the estate in 1676. John Brougham of Scales (Cumberland) brought the estate back into the Brougham family in 1726.

Rebuilding of the Hall took place in 1829-1847 and again in the 1860s when Lord Brougham, the Lord Chancellor, lived in the home. It became known as the Windsor of the North due to the visits by King Edward VII and the future King George VI.

Following the collapse of the family finances in the early 1930s, Brougham Hall passed out of the family in 1934. It fell into ruin. Restoration was begun in 1985 and is ongoing.

The Haunted History of Brougham Hall

There are many stories concerning the goings on a Brougham hall. Soldiers have been witnessed walking along the corridors of the hall and in the grounds on numerous occasions. Unknown sounds are often heard echoing around the corridors of the hall and objects have been witnessed moving under their own accord.

One of the legends surrounding the Hall is that of a skull which is walled up somewhere in the walls of the hall that can be heard wailing on dark nights. It is said that if the skull was ever removed from the Hall that `bad things would happen`.

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