Town Hall Theatre

The Town Hall Theatre stands imposing within Hartlepool Town Center and standing out with its Gothic design against the more modern buildings surrounding it.

The History of Town Hall Theatre

It would be easy to think that the Town Hall Theatre began life as a church or another building of its ilk – but you would be wrong. It was built purely as means to show performance art in 1896.

Very little archived information exists in regards to the Theatre other than that spoken of by the staff who work there. The building has been used extensively for performances as you would expect but has also been used as an extension to a nearby college with old classrooms now being used as dressing rooms and as at one point a place where council business was conducted.

The Haunted History of Town Hall Theatre

Again, most of the paranormal incidents that have been recorded over time come from the staff who work there and the few groups who have investigated the building.

Voices have been captured on recording equipment that could be related to a technician who poured his life and soul into the Theatre.

The current manager of the building talks about when locking up at night how when entering the main auditorium he often has to stop and turn the lights on due to the sense of foreboding and a sense of not being alone, despite him often walking in the pitched darkness and generally being comfortable with it.

Strange feelings and sensations can be felt as you enter certain rooms such as the old classrooms which are now the dressing rooms for the Theatre and sounds of habitation exist in areas of the building where no-body is present.

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