The Schooner Hotel

The Schooner Hotel is situated in Alnmouth, a small village on the coast of Northumberland. The village lies at the mouth of the river Aln and was once a thriving seaport. It was to this harbour that ships from across the globe would come carrying cargoes of grain and coal. Schooners themselves were fast and handy vessels used for either fishing or trading, mainly with the Baltic States.

The Schooner Hotel has been voted the Most Haunted Hotel in Great Britain on three occasions by the Poltergeist Society and there are certainly a number of people around and who have visited the place which will support the award of that title.

The History of the Schooner Hotel

As well as a legitimate trading port, it was also a haven for smugglers and vagabonds. Such was the reputation of Alnmouth that John Wesley, the founder of The Methodist Church, commented that it was “a small seaport town famous for its wickedness”.

The Hotel itself is a listed 17th Century Coaching Inn and has been the hub of Alnmouth village for the past 300 years. Notable persons who`ve stayed in the hotel include Charles Dickens, Basil Rathbone, Douglas Bader and even King George III.

The history of the hotel is not well documented but there are many stories of murders, suicides and massacres. There have even been reports of babies being thrown into fires!

The Schooner Hotel

The Ghosts of the Schooner Hotel

Throughout history many ghosts have been seen, heard, and felt. The stories and rumors of the actual events that may have caused these ghosts to be haunting the hotel are lost or forgotten. However, some of the tales include murders, suicides, massacres, and babies being thrown into roaring fires.

The Poltergeist Society has given the Schooner Hotel the title of “Most Haunted Hotel in Great Britain” twice. It has been investigated and is listed on record as having over 60 individual ghosts. The ghosts have become more active the last few years where they have been over 3,000 sightings reported.

There was supposed to of been a family murdered connected to Room 28 and that corridor. Screams are often heard within. Some staff have experienced the feelings of been watched in certain rooms and a sense of dread when they need to go into the “haunted” rooms.

Along the corridor where room 17 is a young ghost boy is suppose to go along on his Small Tricycle and knock against the door and on all the door along that corridor there are scratches on the doors and staff cannot explain why this has occurred.

Whispering is heard and screams are heard. Knocks and clicking noises and raps are heard in certain room as well, especially room 28,29,30. Dark shadows are seen. People have experienced feeling uneasy, dizzy and sick in these rooms.

There is also suppose to be the presence of a Solider walking the corridors and also a maid who haunted the stairs.

Northern Ghost Investigations have made numerous visits to the Schooner Hotel over the years and we have recorded a number of incidents that have occurred that we have yet to pin down an explanation for. One of the notable incidents at the Schooner Hotel is the Night of the Dancing Wardrobe we experienced a few years back in Room 29 and various occurrences of the famed Schooner Growl from different parts of the hotel.

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