The Punchbowl

The Punchbowl can be found in the historic city of York nestling itself inside the city walls.

The History of The Punchbowl

York was originally called Eburos by the Romans (which is commonly believed to have something to do with a yew tree), the name was corrupted in the 6th century by the newly arrived Anglo-Saxons into “Eoforwic” meaning “wild boar settlement”, because apparently the Anglo-Saxons had some difficulty distinguishing trees from pigs. Then the Danes took over, and then some Norwegian Irish Vikings, and by medieval times the name York was finally used, although some people insisted on calling it Yerk.

York Minster, famous for its pointed arches and luxurious decoration, had its origins in 627 AD when King Edwin of Northumbria was baptised on its site. The Norman cathedral was started in 1070 by the Archbishop of York, and the current Gothic church was built starting in 1220 and finally completed and consecrated in 1472. It has the highest proportion of Medieval stained glass of any cathedral in Europe.

There is not that much recorded history of the Punchbowl itself. We do know It was a meeting place for the Whigs (political party, origin of the Liberals) who drank punch, hence the name. The Tories preferred port and red wines. It has been licensed continuously since 1761, so it is the fifth oldest pub in York. It was the HQ of the York Race Committee and the resort of York Minster bell-ringers in the 18th century.

Due to the small number of people in attendence, the investigation would be split into 2 parts, simple, upstairs and downstairs.

The Haunted History of The Punchbowl

There are said to be two main spirits who apparently haunt the Punch Bowl.

The first of these spirits is said to be a one time landlord of the Punchbowl who sadly perished in a fire on the property.

Secondly, a young girl who plied her trade as a prositute and who was murdered by a man when she would not do what he wanted. It is said that the man chased her to the Punchbowl and killed her by stranglation in her room.

Figures have been seen in the main bar area and also within the Living area and utensils have moved unexplainably by themselves in the kitchen area.

Along the corridor between the kitchen and store room, footsteps and voices are often heard and reported by members of staff who work within The Puncbowl.

The bedroom upstairs is a unused room, no body likes to go in that room, it does not get used and is said to have a very errie feeling to it. Its the room where the young woman was supposed to have been murdered.

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