The Old George

The Old George, in the Cloth Market, is one of the city`s oldest drinking places and it also claims 17th century Royal connections.

The History of The Old George

When Charles I was being held by the Scots in Pilgrim Street for a few months in 1646, legend has it that he was allowed to play golf on the Shieldfield and stop off at the George for a drink. The “Charles I Room” and the chair in which he sat still exist.

The George came very close to closure in 1928, but was granted a reprieve – the licensee was ordered to clean and paint the premises, improve the ventilation and provide proper lavatories!

We were joined on the night by various staff members and set about finding what ghostly secrets The Old George kept hidden.

The Haunted History of The Old George

There have been numerous reports that could be classed as paranormal activity at The Old George which we were told of by the landlord and the members of staff.

In the main Bar area a man and a dog is supposed to ocasionally visit and their have been a few reports of him being seen. Footsteps have also been heard by the staff come the end of the night when the pub is about to close but there is never anyone present in the area where they can be heard.

In the Function room some of the staff have reported feeling very uneasy and not wanting to go in their alone. Reports of feelings of being watched have been made.

In the smaller bar one of the girls who works there in the bar does not like working here alone either. Similar to the function room she feels there is someone there watching her. Other members have reported feeling a little uneasy in this part of the pub.

Not many of the staff have reason to visit the Attic but of those who have they claim to feel very uneasy and sometimes slightly ill. So much so, that they claim they cant stay there for very long and they have to leave.

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