The Golden Fleece

The historic Golden Fleece is one of the oldest coaching inns in the ancient city of York.

The History of The Golden Fleece

Early records show that the inn was about in 1503 and between this time and 1557 it was owned by the Merchant Adventurers. The Adventurers were responsible for the wool trade, at the time York was one of the major providers outside London. Over time the Inn became a coaching station for travelers between York – Manchester – Liverpool, with many couriers operating out of there. In the 19th century it was a popular lodging place for people having business at the local courts of law. An advertisement from 1836 states:

“The Fleeces excellent beds and sitting rooms and excellent stables and coach houses, thanked the great preference given to her public house by witnesses, jurymen and others having business at the assizes (Law Courts).”

In the 19th Century the Inn was usually called just the `Fleece` but in an 1852 map it shows it as the “Golden Hart”. The present owners of the Inn claim it has no foundations and that this accounts for the uneven floors. The whole building is wooden framed and originally had three gables into the street, shown in an 1827 drawing. During WWI the fleece seemed to have been a popular drinking place for the army and in 1915 the landlord was taken to court for allowing soldiers to drink outside the hours permitted by military orders.

The Golden Fleece has a reputation for having paranormal residents, so much so that the Most Haunted TV crew visited this location to try and make contact with them. Many guests have reported seeing the a lady wandering the endless corridors and staircases. Also other ghostly apparitions have been seen moving furniture, it is said that there are five resident spirits that still reside at the Inn. One in particular is a WWII airman who fell to his death out of a window after a heavy drinking session, onto the pavement below. He is said to still wander the Inn and touches people who sleep there, waking them up to see the apparition looking over them. Will the `Lady` of the Inn or the unfortunate Airman make themselves known to us when we investigate York`s famous Golden Fleece Inn?

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