The Cooperage

The Cooperage is a large historical timber framed Newcastle pub dating to the 14th century. Previously it had been used as a Coopers workshop (hence the name) and supplied many of the barrels used in the cites other pubs in the 18th century.

The History of The Cooperage

There is a cosy atmosphere in the pub with two small bars on either side of main entrance. The bar has a timber framed ceiling with wooden beams. Old pictures of Newcastle adorn the walls. The pub attracts students, locals and Quayside revellers and it can be busy at most times due to its reputation for excellent real ales, and especially at the weekend

For our investigation, there were to be 3 main areas of the pub made available to us – on the ground floor was the main bar area, a secondary bar and seating area was situated on the middle level and on the top floor was an area for dancing and even more seating.

The Haunted History of The Cooperage

The management and staff working at the pub had told us a few stories that had occurred in the pub : the most notable one occurring not too long ago when a large television had been set up on the top floor for some of the customers to watch football. When the customers arrived they found the TV wasn`t working and when a memeber of staff investigated they noted that all the wires and cables had been pulled from the back of the television. Where the TV had been set up, it would have been impossible for somebody to have leaned around and pulled them all out themselves.

On top off that stories were told of various noises and tappings that couldn`t be explained along with sudden cold-spots. It appeared that most activity seemed to take place on the upper levels.

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