Caphouse Colliery

The National Coal Mining Museum for England is located at Caphouse Colliery, on the western edge of the Yorkshire coalfield, where mining has been carried out for centuries.

The History of Caphouse Colliery

A plan dated 1791 and showing workings from 1789 to 1795 includes a shaft on the Caphouse site. It is probably the oldest coal-mine shaft still in everyday use in Britain today.

Before 1827 the colliery was owned by the Milnes family but then passed into the ownership of the Lister Kaye family, until 1917.

After 1917 the colliery was run by a company, which included the ex-manager Percy Greaves, a colliery owner in his own right. Around 1941 Arthur Sykes of Lockwood and Elliottt bought the colliery and remained as owner until Nationalisation in 1947. By 1985 the coal at Caphouse was exhausted and its conversion to a Museum began.

The Haunted History of Caphouse Colliery

Given that most mines were dangerous places to work and also the center of peoples lives – it is understandable that the souls of the dead come back once they have passed over.

There are many reports of dead miners returning to the underground shafts where they maybe worked and died. Machinery can be heard throughout the colliery though all equipment is shut down on a night and inside the open shaft itself, people have reported pieces of coal thrown at them.

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