Acklam Hall

The History of Acklam Hall, or at least the land upon which it sits, is long and varied – with the earliest known record is an entry into the Doomsday Book which shows that the King held a manor at Acklam Grange.

The History of Acklam Hall

There was an inquiry made by the Kings Treasurer in 1277 regarding the duties of knights to supply men-at-arms for the King. This enquiry showed that William de Boynton had land at Acklam. In 1303 there was a similar inquiry but which now showed that Acklam was held by Ingerlam de Boynton. It through the marriage of Sir Ingleram de Boynton, in the time of Henry I, to the daughter of the House of Acclun (or Acclam).

The next note in history shows that in 1612 Acklam Grange was rented to William Hustler, a wealthy drapier from Bridlington, by the current owner Frances Boynton and then in 1637, the son of Francis, Matthew Boynton, finally sold Acklam Grange to William Hustler.

Acklam Hall, which stands today, was built in 1683 by the grandson of William Hustler – another William Hustler (who was knighted in 1678) – and was built in a contemporary fashionable style, with Dutch influence in the gables (which are sadly now gone).

The Hall continued to be held by the Hustler family – both through the direct line of Sir William Hustler and then, later when no male heir was born to a Thomas Hustler and Constance Boynton (a descendant of the previous owners) the Hall was passed to a nephew Hustler Hopkins who upon inheriting the estate, changed his name to Hustler Hustler.

The Hall and grounds which covered over 40 acres were purchased by Middlesbrough Corporation in 1928 from the last private owner, Mostyn Hustler. Looking at the autioneers list suggests that no actual bids were received other than a sum of £11,500 by the Corporation.

Acklam Hall School opened in 1935 and in 1958, the remaining ornamental gardens were removed and extensions built for a Hall and woodwork and art classrooms. In 1968, Acklam Hall Grammer School merged with Kirby Girls Grammer to form Acklam High School.

The Haunted History of Acklam Hall

  • The main ghost that exists within Acklam Hall is the `Grey Lady` – although there are no known stories (which are reputable, that is!) which can identify her or which give any more details. Any stories that do concern her seem to come into the “I saw something” category.
  • In 1967 there was a caretaker who claimed that his dog would never upstairs after the unfortunate mutt experienced something up in the library and, “as you know”, claimed the caretaker, “dogs are very sensitive about such things ..”.
  • Finally, A young boy in ragged Victorian clothes was seen in the cellar by a workman back in 1997. The workman watched him walk into a side of the cellar and, when he went to investigate, there was of course, no-one there and with no other exit within the side room – no way anybody could have left without the workman noticing.

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