Galleries of Justice

The Galleries Of Justice are located in the middle of Nottingham’s Lace Market and is Grade II listed building.

The History of The Galleries Of Justice

There has been a court on this site since 1375 and a prison from 1449. The prison was a vast array of cells, corridors and yards that extended around the building. It was the only place in the country where you could be jusged, sentenced, imprisoned and even executed all in the same place. The Victorian Courtroom which dates from 1887 was used up until 1986.

Today it is an award winning museum, and as the largest collection of police memorabilia in the country. It has also recently been discovered that underneath the building there is a warren of medieval tunnels.

The Ghosts of the Galleries of Justice

With the history and all the punishments that have taken place in the Galleries over the centuries, it is understandable that there is said to be a lot of tormented souls which make the Galleries of Justice very haunted.

The reported activity includes, but is not restricted to, a lady and a soldier in the entrance hall; voices, knocks and bangs in the courtroom while it is also said that shadowy figures can be seen the the overlooking balconies; unexplained smells in the laundry room.

Bodies are still buried beneath the yard and people have experienced strange sensations and visitors are said to feel sick and sometimes feel as if they are being touched while some people have had stones thrown at them in some of the more darker areas.

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