Ancient High House

The Ancient High House (named so as the house used to dominate the skyline of Stafford) is today a museum owned and maintained by Stafford Borough Council, but the largest remaining timber framed town house in England has a history dating back to 1594 when it was built by the Dorrington family.

The Haunted History of the Ancient High House

In 1642 the house welcomed Royalty when King Charles I stayed at the Ancient High House en route to Shrewsbury, however, the following year, the Parliamentarians took over Stafford and the High House became a prison for Royalist Officers.

During the latter half of the 17th century the Sneyde family owned the house and then in the following century it was owned by Brooke Crutchley.

The structure of the house was severely weakened in the 19th century when work was carried out on the ground but in modern times, extensive repairs have been made and it is now open to the public and hosts a large collection of period furniture. TheAncient High House also houses The Yeomanry Museum.

The Ghosts of the Ancient High House

The Ancient High House is one of the most haunted houses in the whole of Staffordshire with many a tale being told by visitors and staff alike.

There are many strange noises to be heard in the house once the building is left quiet : voices heard within empty rooms and sound of doors opening and closing by themselves which have also been witnessed by observers.

It is within the Stuart Room where it seems a lot of the activity in the house seems to be centered and there is a chair that sits within that room which is said to make those who sit upon it feel frightened and uneasy.

Amongst the spirits that dwell in The Ancient High House are said to be a young girl and an old woman, yet these two are not the only ghosts who claim to call this impressive Tudor House, home.

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