Gunby Hall

Gunby Hall in Burgh-le-Marsh, Lincolnshire was built in 1700 for Sir William Massingberd.

The History of Gunby Hall

Standing in a 1500 acre park with informal gardens, it`s design is more London town house than Lincolnshire hall. Built from plum coloured brick with stone embellishments.

It was designed by an unknown architect, but it is assumed that it was a builder or mason who had studied the work of Sir Christopher Wren.

A north wing was added in 1873 to improve internal arrangements. This included a drawing room which which mirrors the style of the earlier rooms.

The Massingberd family rose from the ranks of yeomanry during the Middle Ages to a baronetcy by the time of Sir Henry Massingberd who bought the small manor house at Gunby in 1640. The last baronet died only 20 years after Gunby Hall was built and the property and the name descended through the female line.

In 1944 Gunby Hall was given to the National Trust by the Massingberd family.

The Haunted History of Gunby Hall

The daughter of Sir William Massingberd fell in love and subsequently tried to elope with one of his postilion riders. He father did not approve of the relationship and on discovering their plans he shot the man dead in a fit of rage and dumped his body in the pond.

It is said the ghosts of his daughter and the man walk on the path near the hall which is has come to be known as “Ghost Walk”.

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