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When people believe that they may have a problem and their home is haunted they are often confused to what action they should take. Many seem to make what they perceive to be the obvious decision to contact a vicar or some local spiritualists, but this is not necessarily the best thing to do.

Contacting a local paranormal investigation group too can be full of pitfalls, as this area is unregulated, meaning that anyone can claim to be an instant expert. Our advice is to just to do your research about a team. How long have they been in existence? Do they also run entertainment ‘ghost hunts’ or are they into genuine investigation work? Do they make any ‘wild claims’ on their website? etc.

Northern Ghost Investigations are a North East based Paranormal Investigation team who specialise in helping those people who are experiencing what they believe to be paranormal activity in their home, their workplace or any environment they visit. If you need help to get to the bottom of what you are experiencing then you can contact us either on the following telephone number or at our email address.

Please Note : Northern Ghost Investigations NEVER charge for their services. Be wary of those that do.

tel : 0759 142 5700


0795 8599 670

email :

For more on what we do when you contact us, take a read of our article : Think you’re being haunted?

We are also available for charity events and have worked previously with charities around the country including the Butterwick Hospice, the National Trust and English Heritage.


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